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"Richard's Report" - Richard Filip, CEO, RE/MAX of Texas

January 21st, 2008 9:09 PM by Heather Brown

* Austin Area: "Probably the brightest spot in the national housing market," according to Residential Strategies, Inc, and "one of the nation's best luxury housing markets," according to Unique Homes Magazine.

This is not a crisis market, folks!

I've been involved in Texas real estate sales during parts of five decades... 1960-present, and have seen plenty of roller-coaster rides.  Building a house in 1978, I was ecstatic to get 30 year financing at 16%.  In contrast, we're now still enjoying rates that are near historic industry lows.

And the #1 factor influencing housing sales - jobs and unemployment rates - are excellent for virtually every market in Texas, and the bottom line is that most Texas cities will dodge the worst of the housing downturn.

Texas boasts four cities among the ten most searched on  RE/MAX is second only to as an Internet search term, and the only term appearing twice among the Top 10 in a recent online data analysis.

(excerpts and quotes taken from a recently published letter by Richard Filip, CEO, RE/Max of Texas)


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Posted by Heather Brown on January 21st, 2008 9:09 PM


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